About Us


Global Innovative Products (now supplying Global Laser Tek product) specializes in producing and selling custom and standard alloys for the laser welding industry. We offer a wide range of high performance alloys to meet all of our customer’s needs.

Today’s laser welding industry is growing at a rapid pace. Only by focusing on, and striving to be the best in quality can we satisfy our customer’s needs. We pay particular attention to the metallurgical properties of each alloy we offer. Our staff is composed of leaders in the fields of design engineering, manufacturing, EDM, metallurgy. Our on-staff metallurgist reviews all material.

To ensure that our wires conform to AISI, AWS as well as other well-known internationally accepted standards we monitor all materials for all critical characteristic. In addition to standard in-line monitoring practices we take an additional step to independently certify the original draw stock.

We firmly believe that attention to process controls yields a constant high quality product to our customers, free of oxide, surface contaminant, and other unwanted metallurgical properties. Our final goal is met when you the welder receives an optically and mechanically perfect weld.

Global Innovative Products does not use any copper coating on our tool steels. We additionally take great care to make sure that our wires are free of drawing lubricants or other contaminants.

Our wires are ready to use right from the tube. We draw new alloys to meet customer’s demands so please ask for the alloy and the key characteristics to make your operation successful. We can generally supply any diameter wire from .005” diameter to .035” diameter.